Why Permissioned Telemarketing Works

Permissioned telemarketing is still king when it comes to direct marketing. The requested human engagement allows businesses to reach decision makers and help overcome any obstacles in the consumer’s path to conversion. Even if the prospect contacted isn’t ready to convert, there are a multitude of consumer insights that can be gained such as referrals and data gathering.

Here are the Top 5 reasons why permissioned telemarketing works:

1.  Requested Contact

As the consumer has verbally indicated a desire to connect with your brand or service, they have a greater propensity to answer telephone calls and are more likely to convert than other lead sources.

2.   Authentic Human Interaction

The human voice is a key part of the buying process with good telemarketers knowing when to listen as well as talk. Permissioned telemarketing helps reassure consumers during the buying process as they can receive immediate answers, information and support.

3.  Leverages Other Marketing Activities

Combining permissioned telemarketing with online and offline marketing efforts will result in greater conversions. The consumer is aware of the business and its products or services even before the phone conversation begins. This enables the telemarketer to spend their time:

  • Identifying whether the consumer is likely to convert
  • Helping the consumer complete their buying journey
  • Gaining feedback regarding all marketing materials the consumer has been exposed to.

4.   Opportunity For Continual Improvement

Every phone call is an opportunity to gather information, feedback and to learn more about consumers and the marketplace. By including market research questions as part of each call, you can gain valuable information that can be interpreted to refine the consumer experience quickly and effectively to maximise conversions.

5.   Consumers In Control

One of the main consumer fears about telemarketing is the perceived lack of control. By only using permissioned lead sources, the consumer is put back in control of the relationship with your brand. Respecting the legal and moral rights of consumers and providing them with an opportunity to opt-out from third party use of information results in low consumer resistance which of course leads to higher conversion rates.

Permissioned telemarketing may not be the most glamourous form of advertising and marketing but it is the most effective. No other form of marketing allows you to grab the consumer’s undivided attention and their permission to contact them about your product or service while still providing authentic human interaction.

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