Top 6 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Telemarketing

Telemarketing is the black sheep of the marketing world. Often hated, companies continue to make it work by inserting three major components, professionalism, better targeting and relevance.  Accused of being annoying and intrusive, telemarketing continues to be used by businesses around the world for advertising products/services and providing telephone-based customer service. After much investigation, OmniLead has compiled a list of the Top 6 reasons why your business should use telemarketing.

#1 -High Contact Rates with Immediate Answers
A highly qualified, permissioned and/or good quality prospect list will deliver the greatest ROI. Telephone is immediate and attention grabbing and with consumers carrying their telephone/smart phones with them everywhere, they make themselves available almost 24/7. Communicate with consumers right away to get immediate answers. No need to wait for days, weeks, or even months to realize results and stay one step ahead of your competitors as you compete for share of the consumers’ wallet.

#2 – Higher Conversion Rates
When implemented correctly, telemarketing can deliver the highest conversion rates. By utilising a blend of structured lead qualification, nurture, prioritisation and scripting, you too can benefit from the higher conversions rates unique to telemarketing.

#3 – Higher Intent Consumers
Telemarketing significantly increases a consumer’s predisposition (or “intent”) to purchase from a particular brand. Once the consumer has received a telemarketing call and engaged with the telemarketer, the consumer has verbally indicated a desire to connect with your brand or service. By confirming their intent and making them feel comfortable in purchasing from you, the consumer is most likely to commit then and there and complete the purchase.

#4 – Increased Consumer Engagement
Telemarketing can serve many functions including engaging with your target market(s), increase sales, provide customer service, conduct market research and increase overall brand awareness and sentiment. Done well, you have the consumers’ attention and a relevant offer to the right person often ends up in a sale. A telephone call can save you time and money and solve a problem that could take a lot more time and effort through other channels.

#5 – Stricter Compliance with Privacy Guidelines
The Do Not Call Register and the Privacy Act have been imposed on the industry in an effort to try and clean up the telemarketing industry and deter rogue business’s  and practices. Real call haters can register to remove themselves from calling lists and businesses are only allowed to call between certain reasonable times and not on certain dates. The industry is cleaner and more accountable now with large fines for company’s who do not adhere.

#6 – Increased Visibility and Measurability
By staying close to the results, new test programmes can be implemented relatively quickly to give the business fast feedback to new programmes and opportunities which could increase the bottom line substantially. Businesses can gain insight into their target markets behaviour and adjust their marketing strategy accordingly with minimum fuss. Speed to market is essential in a very competitive market sector where test and learn results can be realised immediately.

Rob Cowperthwaite, Director of OmniLead provided the following comment on the success of telemarketing:

Omnilead enables businesses to connect directly with promotionally responsive consumers through requested and consented contact. After receiving the initial Omnilead telephone lead identification and qualification call, the consumer is open to and expecting the follow up call from the specified business to discuss their offer in more detail. More often than not, this follow up phone call concludes by completing the sale. By warming and qualifying leads for our clients, OmniLead has been able to maximise ROI and improve upon the already high conversion rates attributed to telemarketing.”

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