• Don’t take our word for it, clients say it better…

Our fundraising clients utilise leads from numerous sources and Omnilead is one of the best performing leads in the marketplace.

They have consistently beaten the targets set by clients across multiple brands and have beaten their nearest competitors by clear percentage points

Senior Account Manager
Telemarketing Agency specialising in Fundraisers

Omnilead has taken an innovative approach to sourcing leads in a channel that had not previously existed to us.

With a strong collaborative effort, we were able to reach prospects through a structured and effective process acquiring quality leads that rival the profitability of some of our most prestigious campaigns.

We could not be more pleased with the effort that Omnilead put in to optimise our Private Health Insurance client campaigns and the haste in which any concerns/questions are addressed.

Omnilead have been completely transparent with us from day one and I am glad to have secured a great relationship with Rob! 

Direct Marketing & Channel Manager
Agency for Private Health Insurance

We have been working with Omnilead since December 2013 to identify and qualify consumers who have asked to hear from us about switching their energy provider to get better savings across their electricity and gas bills.

As a start-up operation, controlling costs, delivering consistency and ROI is very important and Omnilead have been a great initial marketing partner who are delivering a consistent volume of high quality and interested potential customers at the right price.

Consistently high contact and conversion rates now give us the ability to benchmark, improve to expand our commitment to the Omnilead programme to receive more volume as our contact centre capacity and our product and service offering grows.

Energy Switching & Comparison Services

Omnilead delivers qualified appointments performing almost three times better than their nearest competitor with higher contact rates which translates through to action, we would certainly like to receive more of these prospects from Omnilead.

Managing Director
Solar Energy Company

We have been using the Omnilead Telephone Referral Programme since November 2013 and the results are proving to give us some of the best qualified leads from all of our mix of lead generation services.

Omnilead helped us to improve the programme through finding better and clearer ways to qualify the respondent as well as improving the look and feel of our Auto Responder Email to provide credibility and improve the success rate from our follow up calls.

Omnilead provides the highest contact rates and positive response and best qualification and interest in our services. We would highly recommend working with Omnilead to companies looking to target specific consumers with ‘timely and relevant’ offers and services.

We could certainly do with getting more leads of this quality.

Managing Director
Injury Compensation Law Firm