Should your business use a telemarketing firm?

Telemarketing is a notoriously laborious and unglamorous channel,  often the “black sheep” of the marketing family tree. However, it also provides the highest conversion rates and lowest cost of acquisition when done well. So how do you know if your business should use a telemarketing firm? Here we discuss what you need to consider if you want use telemarketing to rapidly increase your revenue.

Look for partners – not just callers

Telemarketers (also known as Telephone Sales Representatives or “TSRs”) not only make (and take) a huge number of requested phone calls, they also are the “voice” of your company. That’s why it’s critical that you don’t just let anyone speak on your behalf. Whether TSRs are making sales, generating leads, scheduling appointments or verifying information, they need to be treated as an extension of you and your own business and act accordingly. Your customers will make no distinction between your company and the voice on the other end of the line. Your customers will think that they are dealing directly with your company, so it is imperative that you find a telemarketing firm that will handle your calls with the same passion (and professionalism) as your best sales person or customer service representative.

In-house vs outsourced

In-house telemarketing can be extremely costly as you need to consider:

  • Hiring new employees (ongoing as TM staff often burn and churn)
  • Finding the space
  • Providing furniture and other resources
  • Initial and on-going training
  • You most likely will be paying by the hour by operator/seat. – Is your data/prospect pool sufficiently qualified to be effective on an hourly basis or are you calling randomly?

It comes as no surprise that a large number of businesses choose to outsource rather than establish their own telemarketing sector. By hiring a telemarketing firm, you can benefit from:

  • Flexible staffing that can easily adapt to your needs, whether you are experiencing high volume or slow growth
  • In-depth experience and expertise
  • Industry best practice in creating lists, scripts, running tests, and managing campaigns.
  • Ability to supply leads in a manner that suits your business (scalability).

Local vs offshore

Many businesses have opted to use offshore telemarketing firms rather than the local telemarketing firm. The reason for this is that it makes good business sense because it is extremely cost-effective. Remember that if utilising offshore TSRs, be mindful of their accents as it may hinder communication with customers. By only utilising TSRs from English-speaking countries, you can still reap the discounted benefits without any negative customer perception.

Ethical & compliant

If you do decide to outsource your telemarketing activities, you need to make sure that the telemarketing firm is compliant with all regulatory requirements. Check that they have a solid security system and can provide an absolute guarantee that your customers information will be protected from data breaches or hacks. Consumer confidence in your handling of their data is key to becoming a trusted brand. They have a successful track record and understand the culture into which they are dialling into.

If you are ready to take your lead generation to the next level, contact us today to find out how we can work together.

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