Psychology in Telemarketing – 3 Common Consumer Types

Engaging consumers into a meaningful, information-oriented discussion of a potential purchase can be a daunting task, particularly in the case of telemarketing. There is a delicate balance of art and science that means the difference between a successful conversion and dismal failure. Effective scripting is important for facilitating conversions, but a “one size fits all” approach will not work for everyone.

Each person is a dynamic individual and as such it is important to communicate to them in their preferred style to increase the likelihood of conversion. Below we have listed the three most common consumer personality types to help you craft the best approach possible.


Who they are:
Top dog. Alpha type. Head honcho. Knowers are talkers who like to be in charge and have very definite opinions. They don’t respond well to being told what to do or what they already know.

What they want:
More often than not, Knowers have a very limited attention span and want to get to the bottom line ASAP. They will often ask questions (sometimes rhetorically) and the main communication obstacle encountered is getting a Knower to listen. The good news is that if a Knower says they are interested with the product, it’s genuine.

How to convert Knowers:
Never interrupt a Knower when they are speaking. Wait until they have finished speaking and respond when the opportunity presents itself.


Who they are:
Thinkers are analytical, no non-sense types who want to know all the specific details about a product or service. They will only ask questions which are relevant to their information gathering.

What they want:
Thinkers need to be drawn into a detailed discussion of the proposed goods or services. Most of the time the telemarketer will need to do most of the talking with the occasional specific question asked by the Thinker. Thinkers just want to gather as much information as possible for quiet analysis before making a decision. Because of their limited communication it is generally very hard to tell if a Thinker is interested in the proposed product/service.

How to convert Thinkers:
Provide Thinkers with all available information on the product or service. Detailed background history, succinct rationales and facts are the best way to communicate with Thinkers. Don’t try to rush their decision-making as they like to take their time weighing all facts before reaching a conclusion.


Who they are:
Feelers like to talk, analyse and make friends. Feelers enjoy socialising and sharing their experiences and feeling s. Feelers are aware what’s happening in their life and business and are open to new ideas.

What they want:
Feelers want to connect with others and have their experiences and feelings validated. They base their decisions on a combination of information and what “feels right” to them so acting with transparency is a must.

How to convert Feelers:
The great advantage of engaging with a Feeler is that they are very accurate when describing their needs. This offers the telemarketer the opportunity to ask the right questions and tailor their pitch to maximise the likelihood of conversion.

While correctly identifying a consumer’s personality can help increase conversions, the best method of ensuring a high success rate is to make sure that you are contacting consented consumers. The easiest way to find new contacts who want to hear from you is from 3rd party survey participants who request information about your product or service. Omnilead can provide that 3rd party service so you only received consented leads who want to hear from you.

Monique Fernandes, Omnilead’s Director of Client Services agrees, stating

“Omnilead helps our clients to start the conversation to make the conversion easier. These are some of the consumer traits we take into account when designing and tweaking the script and formulating client questions and promotions and we believe, one of the many reasons that client our results through Omnilead are often stronger in conversion than other programmes they are running.”

If you are ready to take your lead generation to the next level, contact us today to find out how we can work together.

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