About Omnilead

Omnilead is the premium lead channel of smart data and lead generation experts, Cohort.

As Australia’s premier lead generation business, Omnilead was founded upon Cohort’s core principles of Transparency, Compliance and Consent, delivering the benchmark in Telephone Referrals in the market.

Omnilead has taken lead generation to the next level through the delivery of the most highly qualified and consented prospects who have chosen to engage with specific brands about their products and services.

Focused on creating enduring and mutually profitable relationships with our clients, Omnilead delivers on its promises by leveraging extensive experience within its management team.

Having been acquired by Unity4 in March 2019, Omnilead has been given a new level of focus and is expanding in to the New Zealand Market from 1 July 2019

Why our Clients work with us

1) Higher Conversions

Through a combination of structured Lead Nurture, Prioritisation and Scripting, Omnilead clients enjoy far higher conversions rates

  • Higher Contact Rates. Consumers have already demonstrated their willingness to answer telephone calls
  • Higher Intent. Having already been spoken to, the consumer has verbally indicated a desire to connect with your brand or service. This increases the ‘intent’ level of the lead
  • Better Quality. Omnilead applies the industry benchmark in verification, validation and data hygiene prior to leads being delivered to clients

2) Transparency – Compliance – Consent

Unashamedly adopting the best practice principles of sister company, Cohort, these three elements provide comfort and confidence in the data collection and delivery processes of Omnilead for Consumer and Advertiser alike

  • Transparency. Standard practice of revealing all data sources, plus access to any call recording extracts for compliance queries
  • Compliance. All legislation surrounding data, privacy and more importantly, telemarketing are strictly adhered to and are coupled with industry leading training for every single one of our highly skilled operators
  • Consent. Our operators live by the mantra ‘Express Consent is Best Consent’. Run hand in hand with the Quality Assurance processes that the calls are subject to and the result is that you have a consented consumer, ready to receive your calls

3) Experience

Leveraging the platforms and processes of Cohort, Omnilead is able to deliver clients a reliable, consistent service which instils confidence that requirements will be met.

Omnilead customer service ensures that expectations are exceeded and allow for the creation of enduring, mutually profitable relationships.

The approach of the management team ensures that relationships are fostered around common goals and solid alignment.