5 Steps to a Successful Phone Lead Campaign

If you’re ready to increase your lead generation but not sure how to go about it, here are the 5 steps you need to know about creating a successful phone lead campaign.

Step 1: Gain Consent

Requested telemarketing is an effective way to introduce your company to new prospects, without the negative connotations of cold-calling. Don’t force your sales team to devote time to prospecting. Instead find a reputable supplier of highly qualified and consented prospects who have chosen to engage with your brand. You can use any number of telemarketing groups that are willing to do the hard yards, but the main point is to ensure that the leads you receive are qualified and consented.  This enables your sales team to do what they’re best at (selling!) and the warm prospect is already expecting your call. It’s a win-win situation.

Step 2: Know your limits

Make sure that you have a good idea of what call volume to expect from your consented lead supplier. There is no point in receiving highly qualified and consented leads when you don’t have enough sales people to contact warm prospects.  Figure out with the lead supplier how many calls you expect to receive and the period of time you expect to receive them. Keep in mind that converting leads into sales takes time, so be aware of your sales team’s availability as they may only be able to handle a handful of quality conversations each hour. It also helps if you can identify if you have any particular days where warm leads will be most important (i.e. just before the end of the quarter or financial year) and when your sales team will not be available to contact warm prospects (i.e. if they are at a sales conference, tradeshow, work Christmas party, etc.)

Step 3: Budget

Phone lead generation needs a decent budget as the cost per lead can be higher than other forms of marketing. This is largely due to the fact that consented phone leads have a much higher intent to purchase and as such have a higher conversion rate. It’s the typical quality vs quantity debate – you may be paying more for less leads but in the end you’ll get more in return. If you have selected the right consented lead provider, they will be able to provide you the source codes and transparency which in turn will make it that much easier to keep track of your ROI.

Step 4: Good Scripting

When it comes for your sales team to call the warm prospect, they need to make sure they have a script that captures the prospect’s attention, builds value around the product/service on offer, and a compelling close. On top of that, your sales scripts need to sound conversational, simple, and focused on conversion while also allowing time to listen to the prospects wants, needs and reservations. The best way to develop a great script that will deliver you consistent results is to make and listen to calls as you’re developing and refining your script. That way you’ll receive valuable feedback from both your target market and your sales team.

Step 5: Review and Improve

At the end of the day, you need to be able to measure the effectiveness of your phone lead generation. Before you start your next phone lead generation campaign, define what you will be measuring and why it is meaningful for your business. Once you have established the metric of your phone lead generation campaign, everyone is able to work towards the same realistic goal. The key is to keep reports short, simple and straight to the point. You’ll be able to use this valuable data to consistently evaluate progress and improve your campaigns so that every phone lead generation campaign is a success!

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